Who Is Lorena Garcia?

Lorena Garcia has been working on the frontlines leading non-profit social justice policy advocacy organizations for the last fifteen years, fighting for equity, dignity, and justice for everyone, especially those who have been pushed to the margins. Being on the ground working directly with communities is her calling, but the day that Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed with a life-time appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, she fell to her knees, because she knew that so much of what is dear to her was now at risk: her marriage, her rights as a woman, her rights as a Latina. Colorado’s current United States Senator, Cory Gardner, was responsible for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, among many other equally unqualified cabinet members. It was in this moment that Garcia and her wife realized they cannot sit around waiting for someone to stand up for their rights and dignity, but that it was now their time to stand up for the rights and dignity of everyday Americans at the federal level. Soon after, in November of 2018, Lorena Garcia announced her run for United States Senate in Colorado.

As a candidate for US Senate, Garcia believes that it is time for a new voice and a new type of leadership in the US Senate. We are at a crossroads in our history where we can no longer accept the status quo but must take courageous action to fix our broken government systems. She is dedicated to creating a country where thriving means every individual has access to economic opportunity, no matter where one lives, family origins, gender, race, physical ability, or sexual orientation. She is running, not for political aspiration or special interest, but because she believes the path to change must begin with innovative leaders who will work as tirelessly as she has for the interests of every Coloradan.

Garcia speaking at a working families rally on the importance of the Family Care Act, 2013 

As a veteran organizer, women’s rights activist and nonprofit administrator who has worked in the interest of the public good throughout her career, Garcia plans to take this courage, experience, determination and people-centered policies to the United States Senate. Garcia believes the people of Colorado want to see a government that works for all of us, not just the big corporations and the wealthy. We have wage stagnation and unaffordable housing across the state, people are going bankrupt simply for getting sick, and we face a climate crisis that imperils our very existence unless we take swift, meaningful action, like passing a Green New Deal. These are problems that affect democrats, republicans, and independents alike, and Garcia’s ideology compels her to find people-centered solutions that benefit all of us. Read more about Garcia’s platform here. 

Garcia has been supporting vulnerable communities throughout Colorado by developing and executing meaningful, and effective, life-changing programs and people-centered policies. Garcia works tirelessly to build up the dignity of marginalized and disenfranchised communities by working with these communities to create and implement programs rooted in dignity and respect, and that drive confidence and success. She has drafted, lobbied for, and found bi-partisan support for numerous bills that included wage transparency, dignity for laboring inmates, and Colorado’s first form of protection for family leave. Touching the lives of people both in Colorado and around the globe, Garcia also supported communities in Nepal and Nicaragua, helping them create self-sufficient, circular economies that allow them to thrive in their isolated areas. The services Garcia brought to these communities included education, economic, and health and nutritional programming. While campaigning, Garcia is also the current Executive Director of the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition, where she focuses on creating a strong educational system that begins with early childhood education for all, and helps to prepare our next generations to successfully face the challenges we leave for them. To learn more about Lorena’s career, visit her LinkedIn page. 

As a 7th generation Coloradan on her father’s side and first generation on her mother’s side, Garcia’s family background mirrors many families in Colorado and across the country. Her commitment to the well-being of families can be tied back to her own as the youngest of six siblings and aunt of 16 nieces and nephews. She and her wife, Jaimi, have been married for seven years. Garcia has a Bachelor’s in film studies from CU Boulder and a MBA from the George Washington University.

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