Our Education

Education is the bedrock of our society. Education makes everything we have possible from computer scientists, to artists, from musicians, to lawyers, from teachers to doctors. We rely on an educated society to address, solve, and prevent problems we may face in our communities, and across the globe.

0-K Education

  • Expand k-12 to include 0-12 education
  • Invest in early childhood education (0-Pre K) both in centers and home-based care
  • Ensure that ECE teachers earn a living wage
  • Pass Universal Early education programs beginning at age 0

K-12 Education

  • Add education to our Constitution and ensure that it is adequately funded to support the state’s efforts
  • Pay our teachers a living wage
  • reduce classroom sizes and provide more in-classroom supports
  • Invest in the arts education programs as much as we do in the STEM programs
  • Invest in support staff for schools including counselors, nurses, teacher’s assistants, family liaisons
  • Increase investment in rural schools infrastructure and quality of education
  • Eliminate voucher programs
  • Strengthen Title programs and ensure that more funding is going to support these schools
  • Eliminate test-based standards and work with education experts to develop competency-based standards.

Higher Education

  • Cancel Student Debt
  • Create Tuition Free Higher Education in public institutions, including vocational & tech schools and apprenticeship & craftsmanship programs
  • Work to expand protections for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and Undocumented Individuals in the education system from discrimination and inequity
  • Support a Trans Inclusive Equality Act
  • We must address the Colorado Paradox and ensure that those we educate are able to find good jobs right here at home

All of this is possible if we achieve education and military spending parity. What we spend on our military, we should spend on our education system.