Team Lorena 2020

Our campaign is built on people power from all walks of life. We believe that through embracing diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills sets, and talents, we are building a strong and unique campaign that is for and by the people. 


Campaign Manager

Chris Meisner  –

Field Team

Hayley Banyai-Becker, Field Manager –

Vicente Martinez Ortega, Southern CO Field Manager –

 Communications, PR and Marketing team

Meghan Dougherty –

Jaimi Flores – Digital & Graphic Designer

Brittney Buckley

Rosemary Lytle

Sarah Glaser

Heidi Bond

Jessica Higgins

Alexandra Lemieux

Coriander Mayer

Alicia Fall

Research Team

Alfred Hull – Data Strategist

Britie Sullivan – Data Strategist

Chris Davis

Marija Weeden

Rachel Clement

Portia Hensley

Alfred Hull

Youth Outreach Coordinator

Amelia Linett –

Events Team

Hayley Banyai-Becker –

Sandie Weathers

Tere Garcia

Hailey Kiefer

Issamar Pichardo

Alex Goldstein

Marija Weeden

Tyler Corson-Rikert

Caryn Capriccioso

Finance and Compliance Team

Richard Garcia – Treasurer

Karen Ashmore

Echo Candid

Chris Davis

Portia Hensley

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