Lorena Garcia's Financial Initiatives

Lorena Garcia has been working on the frontlines leading non-profit social justice policy advocacy organizations for the last fifteen years, fighting for equity, dignity, and justice for everyone, especially those who have been pushed to the margins. 

She put all her strength into protecting those who really need help. And to go further in her business, she offers a number of financial initiatives that will help improve people's lives.

Quick Loan Program

A loan program is designed for people needing a small, short-term loan. This loan is designed to be quick and easy to apply for, with minimal paperwork and fast approval. 

We all know how hard it is financially when a medical account suddenly falls on you, an apartment rents, or a large household appliances break. And unfortunately, not every one of us can afford accumulations so that the financial cushion softens the blow. Also, we do not always need to get into long financial obligations, such as personal loans, for example. Often, people will tremble for a small short-term help to close the hole that has appeared in the budget, and that's all. Therefore, quick loans with low-interest rates will be a salvation.

Foundation for the Protection of Women Victims of Domestic Violence

As a seasoned organizer, women's rights activist, and non-profit administrator who has worked for the public good throughout her career, Garcia knows what domestic violence is and what it does to women. She also knows that many women have to endure this because they have nowhere to go, nothing to live for, and no one to ask for help. In addition, domestic tyrants often cut a woman off from her social circle first and insist that she quit her job to take full control of a woman's life.

That is why creating a fund to support women who have suffered from domestic violence is so important. They need to know that they have somewhere to go and where to ask for help. They should know that they will get a roof over their heads, hot meals, and help to find a job. Such a fund could save thousands of lives.

Student Loan Relief

Lorena offers a loan program designed to help students and recent graduates with the high cost of college. This loan offers low-interest rates and flexible repayment options, making it easier for students to manage their student loan debt. Because students really need help, even if they got federal student loans.

We know that whatever the loans are, they need to be repaid. And we also know that often student loans cover the cost of education, and they are hardly enough for the rest of the students' needs. An endless amount of study materials, manuals, food and accommodation, a computer, and high-speed Internet costs money. And if we talk about applied professions, then the costs increase exponentially, not limited to notebooks and pencils.

Garcia also understands that working while attending college is very difficult. One way or another, the study takes the lion's share of time, and students also need rest. Therefore, the student loan assistance program should alleviate the financial situation of students and allow them to study without being distracted by endless part-time jobs.

Credit Builder Program

Garcia's credit-building program is designed to help people with little or no credit history establish a good credit score. This program offers a variety of financial education resources and credit-building tools to help individuals improve their credit.

Everyone who has dealt with lending knows very well how important credit history is for lenders. Interest rates on loans depend on it, and the better the credit history, the lower the rates will be. But, in general, it depends on whether you get a loan. And the fact that you may have made a mistake in dealing with a lender will affect your credit options for a long time to come.

With a poor credit history, things are easier, but not much. If your credit history is short, you can hardly count on profitable loan offers and will definitely not apply for a mortgage.

That is why Garcia believes that people whose credit history is not excellent need help building it. It doesn't matter what happened in your credit history. Lorena's program can help you recover from mistakes or build a new credit future.

Affordable Housing Program

The affordable housing program is designed to help people who cannot afford a mortgage. It is designed to ensure that those who need their own housing receive it. After all, we are well aware that while people have nowhere to sleep and cook food, no other "benefits of civilization" will help them become happier.

Therefore, everyone should have a home. However, Garcia understands that at this stage, and with all the problems of the US economy, buying houses is more of a privilege. Therefore, in cooperation with construction companies and mortgage lenders, she offers to build and look for housing at reasonable prices with affordable installments. Affordable to those earning average and below average wages and unable to afford a mortgage.

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