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Battlefield Colorado Series: Lorena Garcia for US Senate!


Published Jan 29, 2022 image

Democrats are hopeful that 2020 will be the election year that will bring change to Washington DC in the form of a new majority in the US Senate. One of the most vulnerable seats in the Senate is in the state of Colorado where a crowded Democratic field is in a hotly contested primary for the nomination. One of those candidates, activist Lorena Garcia joined Majority 60 to talk about the race. 

Here’s what Colorado U.S. Senate candidates said about environment, immigration and more during a Latino-centered forum!

Published Jan 27, 2022

“Even in the non-profit sector, Latinas, women of color, we are 2% of executive directors,” Garcia said. “In order for me to get this job I have to be three or four times more qualified. If any of my male colleagues had my resume in this U.S. senate race, it would not even be a contest.”- Lorena Garcia.

Lorena Garcia casts herself as the true progressive in U.S. Senate race. But first she needs to make the ballot.


Published Jan 23, 2022

Inside a lesbian bar on East Colfax Avenue in Denver, a stream of Democrats — overwhelmingly young, diverse and hip — gather in front of a table with clipboards. The white petitions glow in the neon light and beckon the three dozen in the crowd to help Lorena Garcia, a little-known candidate, qualify for Colorado’s marquee U.S. Senate race. Read more here.


Colorado Democratic Senate Primary Forum in Montrose.

Published Oct 21, 2022

The Montrose County Democratic Party hosted a forum for Democratic hopefuls fighting for the party’s nomination to take on Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma. Watch the forum here.

Interview with Our Revolution Colorado Springs!

Published Oct 10, 2022

In this interview, we ask democratic senatorial candidate Lorena Garcia about impeachment, climate change, money in politics, and much more. Watch the interview here.

Interview on Millenial Politics Podcast!

Published April 1, 2022

Lorena Garcia joined Millenial Politics on the podcast to discuss immigration, judicial and presidential cabinet nominations, single-payer healthcare, Venezuela, voting rights, impeaching Brett Kavanaugh, and more. Listen on iTunes or read more and listen here.

Interview with Moms for the Win Podcast!

Published March 11, 2022

Hosts Kristi and Paula get to know Lorena in their first interview of 2020 candidates running to unseat Cory Gardner.

 “Colorado Senate Watch 2020: Lorena Garcia wants to be a progressive champion for all” in the Denverite!

Published February 22, 2022
The Denverite updates readers on community organizer and first-time politician Lorena Garcia’s green platform and emphasis on social justice. Read more here.

“Colorado women are conquering the statehouse. Is a U.S. Senate seat next?” in Colorado Independent

Published February 21, 2022 in Colorado Independent


Colorado stands to elect its first female senator in 2020, and the Independent profiles Lorena Garcia on her run. “I’ve been involved in crafting policy, I’ve been in negotiation rooms. I’ve led legislators on how to address issues and I’ve brought policies from directly affected communities to the Capitol,” Garcia said. “But I know I’m still going to have to prove my viability in this race.” Read more here.

Q&A in the Westword!

Published November 30th, 2022

“We caught up with Garcia days after she announced her campaign to talk about her platform, her strategy to win and the only time she’s interacted in person with the senator from Yuma.” Click here to read more.

Announcement Coverage

The Gazette, November 28th, 2022

The Daily Caller, November 28th, 2022

The Denverite, November 27th, 2022

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