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A Country for all of us

we can do it!

It is time that we elect leaders to the U.S. Senate that represent the integrity of the American people. By electing fighters to lead us, we can achieve people-centered policies like Campaign Finance Reform, Medicare For All, Green New Deal, and Abolish ICE. We can make our country what it was always meant to be – a land of opportunity.


Climate Change Emergency

Time is running out before we can turn the needle on climate change. 200 species of animal go extinct every year due to climate change and human activity like deforestation, over fishing, and pollution caused by our over dependence on fossil fuels. We must adopt a set of policies within the Green New Deal that offers a just transition for the fossil fuel workforce, bans fracking, and creates a robust renewable energy economy.


Higher Costs

Our health allows us to work, play, learn, love, explore, and live. Because of this, we should all have access to high-quality health care without the burden of overpriced and inflated medical bills. We need to implement Medicare For All with mental health parity and the full scope of reproductive and sexual health services.

44 million Americans

crippling Student Loan Debt

70% of Americans leave college with debt. Over 44 million Americans hold $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. it takes an average of 19.7 years to pay off a student loan for a bachelor’s degree. Our higher education system must be reformed and the 1.4 trillion dollars in student debt must be forgiven.

livable wages


How much do you have in your emergency fund? The majority of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings and only 15% have over $15K in savings. How can we possibly build an emergency fund if we are living paycheck to paycheck with stagnant incomes and low paying hourly jobs? It is time that our economy work for everyone.


Join us as we bring a fresh voice to our U.S. Senate