Elected Officials

Junie Joseph, Boulder City Council

Raul Fernandez, Brookline, MA Select Board

Guyleen Castriotta, Mayor Pro Tem, Broomfield

“It is my great privilege to endorse Lorena Garcia for US Senate. Whenever I hear Lorena speak, I’m filled with hope for the future of humanity. Lorena is the fierce advocate we need right now to give all Coloradans a voice.”

Candi CdeBaca, Denver City Council

“Lorena is a fellow 7th generation LGBTQ Latina Coloradan and  veteran local and national organizer who has proven her commitment to our state across a range of issues at every level of government including women’s rights, public transportation, civil rights and most recently parent and student’s rights. She has devoted her strongest efforts not to a single issue but to building others’ capacity to be engaged advocates statewide across issues. Colorado needs her intersectional lens and statewide relationships to demand  the solutions we need to our state’s great challenges.”

Rhonda Solis, Greeley/Evans School Board Member

“I have known Lorena for over 10 years and have watched her fight for our communities with passion and strength. She’s is for the people and we need her in the Senate.”

John K. Stone, Englewood City Council

“Lorena Garcia has worked as a community organizer and activist for most of her adult life. I trust her to stand up for the people I care about most. I trust her to be a Champion for Workers, for Women and Non-Binary individuals, for LGBTQ+ Individuals, for Black/Indigenous/People of Color, for those with disabilities, for the undocumented, for all of those who need a Champion. And that is what we need in the US Senate. A Champion.”

Stacy Suniga, Former Greeley City Council

Lisa Sweeney-Miran, Director, Boulder Valley School District Board of Education and Executive Director, homeless family shelter


Public Arts Commission, Nonprofit Organization 

“Public Arts Commission is happy to endorse the Lorena Garcia for Senate Campaign in Colorado! Garcia does not take money from corporate PACs or large corporations. She is campaigning to represent the integrity of the people of the United States. Her campaign is fighting for Campaign Finance Reform, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and abolishing ICE.” 

One Colorado 

Named A Pro-Equality Champion

350 Colorado Action

Stamp of Approval

Our Revolution-Weld County 

Community Leaders

Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding, Former US Senate Candidate, Colorado Springs 

From the first time I heard Lorena Garcia speak, I knew her passion for justice was just as ancestral as my own. Her analysis is conscientious and her love for community runs deep. Running beside her for U.S. Senate was one of the most valuable experiences in life that I’ve encountered to date, because iron definitely sharpens iron. If you truly want a progressive future for Colorado, one where all communities matter, where we are able to protect the sustainability of life on the planet, and equity is abundant then please join me in supporting Lorena Garcia.” 

Ezra Kone (he/him), Climate Organizer, Sunrise Movement

“Coloradans need someone who has been fighting for the most vulnerable among us and will continue to do so in the US Senate. Lorena has the organizing record and devotion that tells us she will fight for a comprehensive Green New Deal. She is here to fight for our frontline communities by addressing climate change and human rights together.”

Miriam Peña, Denver

“I am proud to support Lorena Garcia in her race for senate and for all endeavors she explores. As a community leader, I have seen and learned so much about servant leadership from Lorena. Her passion to improve the lives of others is an inspiration for hope and change, reminding us that we have tremendous power. Lorena is a visionary thinker, collaborative, works with lots of integrity and always stands up for the right thing even when it isn’t popular. I believe in Lorena’s big heart, dedication and ability to move the needle on issues that impact us the most.”

Mariana Galvez Seminario, Student and Local Activist

 “Not only does Lorena embody the values I believe in and stand up for the issues I care about, she is also what makes me excited to be engaged in politics – and not just because I feel I have no other choice. She is kind, sincere, trustworthy, down to earth, and accessible. She will listen to you and make you feel heard.”

Andres Martinez, High School Teacher and CEA Activist

“Lorena represents our community in all the ways that no other candidate does. She not only takes the boldest progressive stances for Colorado, but is from the community. It’s time to change the system for the better, not just win elections only to maintain the business agenda status quo.”

Suzanne Crawford, Boulder Anti-Poverty Leader

“I endorse Lorena Garcia for Senate because I believe we need her fresh perspective, energy, and willingness to work for the good of all Coloradans.”

Holly Herson, Candidate for Colorado House District 48

“I support Lorena Garcia for US Senate because we need more people in Federal office who represent the people of their districts. We need more women, more people of colour, and more young people. It is a proven fact that if little girls grow up seeing leaders who look like them, they are more likely to pursue positions of power as well. I support Lorena because her platform looks toward the future in a way that does not leave people behind. She is the ideal candidate for US Senate!”

Jeannette Angel, Denver County

“I believe strongly that Lorena understands in economic opportunity, meaningful education and health care for everyone, and that she will introduce and support legislation that will be beneficial to all Americans and be common-sense based and fact-based.”

Ean Tafoya – Climate Justice Activist and Leader

“I spend my life fighting for fairness through environmental justice, social justice and economic justice. Lorena Garcia has a proven track record of spending her entire life, since elementary school, fighting for these same issues and that is why I am proud to support her as our next United States Senator from Colorado. Lorena knows she alone cannot fix everything, but she will bring these values to the table and will always speak truth to power. After spending a weekend with her in rural Colorado, I am now more certain that she has the the best chance of beating Hickenlooper and Gardner — and is the Green New Deal champion Colorado and this entire country deserves. There is a movement sweeping the country; join me in sending the first woman Senator to Congress from Colorado.”

Arnie Schultz, Community Activist

“Lorena represents the ordinary citizens and not the wealthy few, and shares the same progressive values that I have on all the issues facing our country. She is running a grassroots campaign that collected 13,824 petition signatures.”

Elena Aranda, Boulder County, Immigrant Rights & Racial Justice Community Leader

Karen Ashmore, Community Leader

“I am voting for Lorena because she is a natural leader and will stand up for the people on racial justice, economic empowerment, health care and education for all. Besides, 400 years of white male rule is enough!”

Nora Bashir, Denver County, Founder & Owner of PRAXIS, social justice leader, Former Grassroots Foundation Leader

Kevin Connell, Pediatric Nurse & Community Leader 

Reverend Dr. Dawn Duval, Denver County, Racial Justice Community Leader

Henry Hollender, Lakewood Community Leader

Michael Jacobs, Youth Climate Activist, CU Boulder

Bob Norris, Longmont, Community Leader

Jorge de Santiago, Boulder County, Latino Community Leader

Sasha Strong, Boulder County, Co-founder of the Womxn of Color Collective at CU Law

Euvaldo & Helen Valdez, Boulder County Community Leaders

Elle Stevens, Eligibility Specialist

Sandie Weathers, Community Activist

“Lorena is the most progressive candidate in the race. As a Latina, I know she will best represent the issues important to my community.”


Nina Storey, Singer/songwriter

“I support Lorena Garcia for senate because I agree with her policies on climate change, the fossil fuel industry, human rights, social programs, health care for all, and much more. She has worked in environments to help problem solve and create communities that foster positive change and growth. I support her strong voice, her level-headedness, and her passion for making a difference in the lives of Coloradans and all Americans. Plus she’s a comic book nerd and a snowboarder so you know she’s also a badass.
Lorena Garcia Forever! ;)”