The Economy

In order to create an economy that works for everyone, we need to pass and implement the following policies:

  • Pass the Green New Deal
  • Pass Medicare For All 
  • Establish and Implement a Universal Basic Income
  • Legalize Marijuana Across the Country 
  • Cancel Student Loan Debt
  • Tuition-free Higher Education, including Vocational and Tech Schools
  • Raise the National Minimum Wage to at least $15/hr with continual adjustments with the cost of living 
  • Re-adjust and Re-calculate the Federal Poverty Line to match today’s costs of living
  • Establish Living Wages, based on regional cost of living
  • Invest more in Small Businesses owned by people of color
  • Ease the burden on first time small business loan holders and loan seekers
  • Create a very low-interest rate loan program for communities traditionally unable to access small business support
  • Work to expand Workplace protections for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and Undocumented Workers
  • Pass an Amnesty Act for all undocumented people in this country to become citizens if they choose.
  • Support a Trans & Fluid/Non-Binary Inclusive Equality Act 
  • Strengthen protections for people living with disabilities in the workplace to achieve job security, and enforce pay equity
  • Modernize GDP to include the contributions of volunteers, parents at home, and other non-traditional labor that adds to the fabric of society and exclude military spending from the GDP
  • Implement a Value Added Tax to make corporations pay their fair share even while shifting to automation and using overseas labor
  • Implement a corporate CEO earnings cap to secure fair pay- this means that there will be a cap on how much more the highest earner can earn compared to the lowest earner
  • Focus on Rural Economic Development through diversification
  • Address Housing Costs, and make sure that every new development offers at least 20% affordable housing units that are offered at no more than 30% of the renter’s income
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