Our Health

In order to create a system that puts the health of people first, we must:

  • Pass a Medicare For All, Single-Payer bill that implements a nationwide, equitable healthcare program that provides for parity in mental health services, dental, long term care, vision, and reproductive and sexual health.
  • Regulate Prescription costs and costs of medical procedures
  • Work to allow natural and holistic methods to treatment and to push for FDA approval of these treatments
  • Allow and reward innovation in treatment from doctors and support the patient-doctor connection
  • Repeal the Hyde Amendment to allow access to the full breadth of health services under a comprehensive single-payer healthcare system
  • Ensure parity of mental health services including in the military and criminal justice systems
  • Provide more services in rural communities through innovative means, including mobile clinics, virtual healthcare, and more
  • Require transparency in billing while we move to a single-payer healthcare system

LGBTQ+ Healthcare Rights

  • Support removing the red tape (surgery, doctor’s note, and/or court order requirements) for transgender and non-binary folks to have federal identity documents that reflect their authentic selves by allowing self-attestation to update gender
  • Include comprehensive, medically-necessary, transition-related care as determined between patients and their providers, including procedures that have historically been considered ‘cosmetic’ by insurance companies in Medicare For All
  • Include PrEP or other HIV prevention medications including telePrEP in Medicare For All
  • Support banning mental and behavioral health policies and practices that do not affirm LGBTQ identities and people, including the use of “conversion therapy” or any attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity 
  • Support the Prohibition of Medicaid Funding for Conversion Therapy Act, or similar legislation that prohibit payments under the Medicaid program for conversion therapy


  • Recruit train and activate a diverse body of health care workers
  • Invest in community clinics, telemedicine, and mobile clinics in rural areas